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Prince Harry urged to issue 'public apology' to family amid race row

Prince Harry's deafening silence over Omid Scobie's 'racist royal' claims raised serious concerns

December 09, 2023
Prince Harry urged to issue public apology to family amid royal race row
Prince Harry urged to issue 'public apology' to family amid royal race row

Prince Harry advised to publicly apologise to his family and home country following Omid Scobie's 'racist royal' claims in his controversial book Endgame

A royal commentator Piers Morgan, who often criticises the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, was asked on X, "What would Harry have to do for you to forgive him, Piers? (Assuming forgiveness is even possible)."

In response, the former Good Morning Britain host said, "My forgiveness is irrelevant."

He added, "But if he wants his family - and country - to ever forgive him, he can start by issuing a public apology for calling the Royals a bunch of racists then pretending he hadn’t."

Harry and Meghan, who stepped down from their senior royal roles in 2020, have been receiving backlash for their deafening silence over royal race row. 

For the unversed, a Dutch version of Omid's book allegedly revealed the name of two royal figures who were involved in racist conversations about the couple's son Prince Archie's skin colour.

Notably, the controversy related to 'racist royals' was surfaced when the former Suits actress made shocking revelations about the royal family's ill-treatment towards her in Oprah Winfrey’s interview in 2021.