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Joe Jonas now approves Sophie Turner’s new boyfriend, changes stance

Joe Jonas says ex-wife can publicly kiss whomever, he doesn’t those play games

December 09, 2023
Joe Jonas is focusing on his children and career, not former wife.
Joe Jonas is focusing on his children and career, not former wife.

Joe Jonas has seemingly reversed his earlier disapproval of ex-wife Sophie Turner putting affection for British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson on display.

Initially, he expressed dissatisfaction over her publicly kissing the new boyfriend in Paris, but has now taken a more supportive stance.

It is said that the singer is happy if his former partner is.

“Joe supports whatever choices she makes,” a source revealed, “What is important is the well-being of his kids and finishing the tour he is on with his brothers.”

Despite their bitter breakup and publicized custody battle, the couple is reported to be on “good terms” just three months later, letting go of whatever caused tensions.

Sophie and Peregrine’s romance surfaced during the World Cup in October, two months after her divorce was confirmed.

She was spotted sharing another public kiss with him during a nighttime stroll in London.

Previously, Joe felt it was “too soon” for the Game of Thrones star to engage in another relationship while giving spotlight to rounds of PDA.

His concerns have since settled down, showing support toward her romantic choices, and instead desiring to move forward from their separation.

“And if Sophie wants to galivant and kiss whomever in public, he doesn't really want to play those games,” the source added.