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Martha Stewart reveals being ‘very attracted’ to someone

Drew Barrymore gets asked by Martha Stewart of her dating life, ‘Don't you meet a lot of guys?’

December 09, 2023
Martha Stewart met someone very attractive
Martha Stewart met someone 'very attractive'

Martha Stewart opens up about her recent encounter with someone “very attractive.”

Following her revelation in a recent interview that she had a less than "appropriate" amorous experience, the 82-year-old symbol of home and hospitality left fans curious.

In an honest discussion about dating, Stewart tells Drew Barrymore, "I got knocked out of my socks last week by somebody," on Friday's edition of The Drew Barrymore Show. "Very attractive."

As Barrymore begs her for help on meeting someone special that she finds "hot," Stewart confesses about the encounter.

"Don't you meet a lot of guys? Where do you go at night?" Stewart enquires.

"Home," Barrymore sheepishly responds.

"Don't you go out to dinners and parties and stuff? Your friends have to be sitting you next to eligible young men," Stewart adds.

"No, I'm not living that life, Martha!" Barrymore jokes.

"Well, you better start," Stewart continues. "You have a lot of friends and they should be inviting you to eat. They didn't do that for me either, by the way, I had to do it myself."

The audience in Barrymore's studio gasps and chuckles when she asks the moagul for further details about her date.

"It wasn't exactly appropriate, but it was good for a night," Stewart says without an expression. "Nothing happened, nothing happened. We didn't go home together or anything, but it was just like a little flirtation. It's nice."