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Matthew McConaughey reveals his sweet reaction to his son’s homage

Matthew McConaughey reads out his teenage son’s birthday message on Jennifer Hudson show

December 09, 2023
Matthew McConaughey response to his son’s homage on Jennifer Hudson show
Matthew McConaughey response to his son’s homage on Jennifer Hudson show

Matthew McConaughey has recently shared sweet reaction to his son Levi’s heartfelt note on his dad’s birthday.

During the latest episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show on Friday, Matthew read out aloud his 15-year-old son’s birthday note which said, “People know Matthew Mcconaughey as an Actor and now a writer.”

“But I know him as my father,” it read.

The message continued, “The man who always makes time for us no matter what.”

“The man who's always there for us no matter what, and the man that taught me to appreciate the journey and not just the destination. The journeys just getting started,” it concluded.

The Interstellar expressed his happiness after reading out his son’s message.

“It makes you feel like what you're doing as a parent is translating, he told host Jennifer.

Matthew stated, “Kids are a great mirror of who we are.”

Elsewhere on the show, the Sweet Home Alabama actor believed that his children would be “cooler” than him.

“There’s so many definitions of cool. But I think the real definition of cool and I guess when I am the coolest is when I'm just most myself, which is what I think is the coolest thing about people,” he explained.

Over the years, Matthew shared how he learned from his children as much as they learn from him.

Earlier in September, speaking to E! News, Matthew added, “Levi continues to teach me consideration. He's an extremely considerate young man and I appreciate that about him.”