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Kate Middleton extends subtle olive branch to Meghan Markle

The Princess of Wales relied on conveying her message to Meghan Markle via her clothing

December 08, 2023
Kate Middleton extends subtle olive branch to Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton extends subtle olive branch to Meghan Markle 

Princess Kate seemed to extend an olive branch to her sister-in-law Meghan Markle with her latest symbolic fashion choice.

The Princess of Wales stunned in an all-white ensemble at the annual Christmas Carol service being held today, Dec. 8.

According to fashion editor Amber Graafland, while her color choice was appropriate for the festive event, it might have also been intentional.

She explained to Fabulous that the chic boucle outfit could be a way for the future Queen Consort to convey her feelings to Meghan, whose close pal Omid Scobie named her as one of the two senior royal members who were allegedly ‘racist’ to Prince Archie before his birth.

“White symbolises purity, innocence and neutrality,” Graafland affirmed. “It also represents new beginnings, and a clean slate, helping us through times of stress and allowing us to put the past behind us whilst preparing to move on.”

The fashion expert continued: “So, regardless of what the Princess is really feeling, the message was resoundingly loud and clear."

“Now let that be the end of the matter.”

Amber also noted that the royal family members can’t necessarily articulate a direct response to such allegations publicly, hence they rely on conveying “subtle messages through their clothing.”