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Halle Bailey, Rachel Zegler address online harassment over Disney princess castings

Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler believe people are critical for women under the spotlight

December 08, 2023

Halle Bailey, Rachel Zegler talks about online backlash for their castings in Disney sequels

Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler have recently addressed online harassment for their castings as princesses Ariel and Snow White in the Disney sequels.

Speaking on Variety’s Actors on Actors on Thursday, Zegler praised Bailey for dealing with racist criticism after casting as the first Black Ariel in The Little Mermaid movie.

“You proved them wrong with grace. I was so inspired by the way you handled anybody who had anything bad to say about it,” said the 22-year-old to Bailey.

Zegler asked, “Did you ever let it affect you at all? You definitely didn’t publicly.”

“Of course. I mean, we’re sensitive. We’re human beings,” responded Bailey.

Bailey however pointed out, “People don’t realise we’re granted amazing opportunities and able to be seen on massive screens, but there is a dissociation.”

“People start taking you away from being a real human being that has feelings and reacts to things. That was definitely something that I had to navigate,” she remarked.

Bailey believed that the online harassment “turned out to be the most beautiful lesson – to block any naysayers or negativity out”.

Halle Bailey, Rachel Zegler address online harassment over Disney princess castings

The actress disclosed a lot of times when she saw stuff online, she used to “get mad”.

“It’s hard being women under the spotlight. People are so critical and say anything that they would never say to your face,” shared Bailey.

Zegler, on the other hand, noted, “Choosing thankfulness and gratefulness is choosing peace.”

“We’re making things that make people connect with one another and there are people out there who say things that make people want to not come together, that make people want to fight. It’s just not worth the time and energy,” explained the West Side Story actress.

Bailey chimed in and added, “Stay grateful and ignore the hate.”