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Diplo accused of distributing non-consensual explicit photos

Diplo and the accuser have been in an ongoing legal battle since 2020

December 08, 2023
Diplo accused of distributing non-consensual explicit photos
Diplo accused of distributing non-consensual explicit photos 

Diplo is under investigation for allegedly distributing revenge porn.

A woman by the name of Shelly Auguste filed a new police report against the renowned DJ, claiming that he distributed her nude photographs without her consent, per Pitchfork via People Magazine.

She clarified that the photographs were ones that “either [Diplo] took or that she had given to him.”

The report was first filed in August, and in November the LAPD submitted the case to the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, and is now under review.

The report is part of an ongoing legal battle that first started in 2020, of which Diplo has denied the allegations.

According to the latest report, Auguste sued Diplo – born Thomas Wesley Pentz – for sexual battery, gender violence, intentional intrusion into private affairs, battery, assault, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud, and violation of the Ralph Civil Rights Act and violation of the Tom Ban Civil Rights Act, per the outlet.

The accuser further expressed her belief that Diplo “is distributing the nude photographs because he is mad at her for recently filing legal action against him.”

Meanwhile, Diplo’s attorney claimed that Auguste “has been orchestrating an ongoing smear campaign against [Diplo]” for more than three years – and the latest claim is no different.

A civil trial is reportedly scheduled for April 2024.