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Kate Middleton, Prince William’s kids to counter major obstacle as teenagers

Prince William and Princess Kate share three children: George, 10, Charlotte, 8 and Louis, 5

December 08, 2023
Kate Middleton, Prince William’s kids to counter one major obstacle in future
Kate Middleton, Prince William’s kids to counter one major obstacle in future 

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis might face one major challenge as grown-up royals in future.

Royal commentator Victoria Murphy recently appeared at HELLO's A Right Royal Podcast where she claimed that the next generation of royals will find it difficult to hide from the public eye during their teenage due to the excessive use of social media. 

She said, "I definitely think any public figure has huge additional challenges because of social media. I think that's really something that is going to come up for the next generation of royals."

Quoting an example of the Prince and Princess of Wales, she shared, "William and Kate, when they had their courtship, it wasn't in the internet age."

The royal expert said that during William's university days, the media was off limits and as a result, very little information came out. 

Victoria continued, "If George, Charlotte or Louis go to university and the media is off limits, how do you police hundreds of university students with phones? How does that work? What does that mean for how their lives will have to play out or the people around them?"

The journalist said that it is going to be really quite fascinating to see how the future royals maintain their privacy in the age of mobile phones.