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King Charles, Prince William react to Prince Harry's plea for UK return

Prince Harry claimed he wants his children to have a 'safe' home in the UK

December 08, 2023
King Charles, Prince William react to Prince Harrys plea for UK return
King Charles, Prince William react to Prince Harry's plea for UK return

Prince William and King Charles are reportedly clashing over Prince Harry’s prospective return to the UK.

The Duke of Sussex strongly hinted at his return to the native country with his wife Meghan Markle and their kids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, during a court hearing on Thursday, Dec. 7.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, pals of the Royal Family divulged their reactions on his suggestion that he and his family want to spend more time in England.

“The one saving grace of this whole situation is that they live 5,000 miles away,” the friend said. “The idea of them coming back here will go down like a bucket of warm sick.”

As for King Charles, the friend insisted that he would be “thrilled” with the idea of seeing his youngest son as well as his grandchildren more often.

The idea came in the wake of Harry’s current court battle with royal committee RAVEC, who stripped the Sussexes off security protection after they stepped down from their royal positions in 2020.

In a statement submitted to High Court of the UK, he argued that the former royals felt ‘forced’ to leave the Royal Family, noting he was left with no ‘choice’ due to invasive British press and mistreatment of his wife by the Firm.

Disputing the Spare author’s claims, a former courtier told the outlet, “The idea that they had ‘no choice’ but to quit is a classic example of their ‘this is my truth’ concept.

They explained: “It’s just a figure of speech. It is not actually true. Of course they could have carried on if they had wanted to. They were not forced out.”