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Prince Harry branded 'Duke of Hazard' amid UK court battle

Prince Harry given a new title by his late mother Princess Diana's most trusted man

By Web Desk
December 07, 2023
Prince Harry truly has become the Duke of Hazard
Prince Harry truly has become the 'Duke of Hazard'

Princess Diana’s most trusted aide Ken Wharfe has given new title to Prince Harry amid his ongoing security battle with the Home Office in the UK court.

Harry's late mother's former bodyguard has called him "Duke of Hazard", urging the royal to stop battling the government. He also advised the King Charles younger son to accept its offer of limited protection and start healing over his mum’s death.

Writing for Independent, Ken Wharfe claims "Prince Harry truly has become the 'Duke of Hazard'."

Harry's mother's protection officer went on claiming: "He’s frozen himself out of the royal family with his appearance on Oprah Winfrey, his memoir Spare – and now his ongoing battle in the High Court to get the UK government to reverse its decision to provide him with less police protection when he comes back for visits."

There’s been a lot said about him “whining” and costing the now very hard-pressed British taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds by continuing his security fight in the High Court.

Ken added: "I vividly recall meeting with Diana in November 1993 at Kensington Palace when she asked me: 'What would be the best advice you could give me?'"

"I had no hesitation in saying: 'Not knowing your future plans ma’am – I urge you not to abandon your Scotland Yard security – yes sometimes we did invade your privacy, but we kept you alive.'"

Six weeks later, she stood down her Scotland Yard security, and was then forever pursued by the worlds media until her accident in Paris.

Advising to the Duke, he said: "My advice to him – and his family – is this: accept the offer of limited protection from the UK government, to work in collaboration with your own private security whilst in the UK. This is the best effective option available to Harry at the moment."

He added: "His decision to quit royal duties was his and his alone, and he cannot expect the same level of security as them when he is living most of the time in LA."

The Duke of Sussex, who relocated to the United States with his wife Meghan Markle, in 2020 is continuing his beef with the UK ’s interior ministry and the shadowy committee that decides on royal security. He is fighting the government in court for his security and safety in the country.