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Prince Harry's ties to UK in question amid security court case

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is currently challenging the UK government's decision to reduce his security

December 07, 2023
Prince Harry is predicted to visit the UK less even after winning his security case
Prince Harry is predicted to visit the UK less even after winning his security case

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will likely stay away from the UK even if the former wins his security battle, as claimed by a royal expert.

According to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, while speaking to Express, even if the Duke of Sussex wins his legal case, in which he challenged the British government's move to reduce his security privileges when visiting the UK, the royal is unlikely to return to his home country. 

"Harry and his family had full police protection when they were senior working royals but lost it when they stepped down," the expert said. 

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"His claim is that officials failed to consider the security threat and the impact on the nation if he became a victim."

"Were he to win the case, his belief that he was subjected to 'unlawful and unfair treatment' would be upheld and he will feel confirmed in his belief that he and his family have been discriminated against."

"Were he to lose he will undoubtedly be bitter. His offer to pay for security has already been rejected in the High Court in May, it would hardly be right for this to be bought."

He went on to add that with whatever conclusion the court was to make, it would still not 'lessen' his ill feelings for the way he was treated after stepping down from the royal family. 

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"Either way, the strength of his feelings against the way he feels he has been treated are not likely to lessen."

"Without a base in Britain after their eviction from Frogmore, the Sussexes, especially after the publication of Spare earlier in the year and the current issue involving Omid Scobie and Endgame, are likely to remain extremely distant from the rest of the Royal Family."