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Abby Lee Miller says Taylor Swift should've ditched guitar for dance lessons

Abby Lee Miller praises Travis Kelce as the 'natural' dancer in new podcast chat

By Web Desk
December 07, 2023

Dance Moms sensation Abby Lee Miller has once again stirred up the dance floor drama by critiquing pop icon Taylor Swift's moves. 

In a recent episode of the Leave It On The Dance Floor podcast with Crystal Hefner, Miller didn't hold back, claiming that Swift is "pigeon-toed" and asserting that her boyfriend, football star Travis Kelce, is a superior dancer, naturally gifted.

Miller showered Kelce with praise for his on-field dance prowess, giving him her coveted seal of approval. 

However, when it came to Swift's dancing abilities, the outspoken TV personality declared, "Taylor Swift is pigeon-toed, and her boyfriend's a much better dancer - we can leave it at that. He's a great dancer."

Pressed on whether Swift could improve her dancing, Miller dismissed the possibility, stating, "It's too late. I don't think she's worried about it. I don't think that's her top priority right now."

Expressing a nostalgic sentiment, Miller remarked, "'I think she does probably think she should have danced as a kid. 

They had her slumped over that guitar playing, and the keyboard. I loved her music then, that's the Taylor Swift that I fell in love with."

Turning her attention to Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, the football star received high praise for his natural dance abilities. 

According to Miller, "I've seen clips of Travis dancing it up both on the field and off. I think he's a natural.

Most football players like to show off - he's a showman with swagger at heart."