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Paris Hilton reveals heartbreaking reason she hid her pregnancies

Paris Hilton recently welcomed a daughter with husband Carter Reum a year after welcoming their son

December 06, 2023
Paris Hilton previously dealt with hate comments about her infant son Phoenix
Paris Hilton previously dealt with hate comments about her infant son Phoenix

Paris Hilton desperately wanted her pregnancies to be a private affair despite most of her life having already “been so public.”

After announcing the arrival of her second child with husband Carter Reum on Thanksgiving, Hilton reflected on her experience with surrogate pregnancy for her cover story for motherhood-based publication Romper.

“My life has been so public, so out there,” the socialite reflected. “I didn’t want my son coming into this world with any negative energy. I’m really happy I did it that way, just for Carter and I to have that journey together without the outside world chirping in.”

The Paris in Love star explained that she transformed into a “mama bear” when it came to protecting her children’s privacy.

“My narrative and my story has been told by the media for half my life, and I just didn’t want my child being put out into the world without me being in control,” she declared.

Her fears were previously proven correct when she received a lot of that same “negative energy” from internet trolls making fun of the size of her son’s head after she posted a picture of him to her social media.

Reflecting on the “infuriating” experience, Hilton further told Romper, “It just made me think: These people are the exact reason why I kept him a secret.”

Hilton, 42, and Reum, 42, welcomed both their children through surrogacy –son Phoenix in early 2023 and daughter London on Thanksgiving.