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Kate Middleton draws on ‘Diana’s strength’ to overcome royal race debate

Princess Kate appeared determined in her first solo appearance following Omid Scobie's explosive claims

December 06, 2023

File Footage

Kate Middleton appeared calm and composed during her recent visit to the Evelina London Children's Hospital after receiving criticism over alleged "royal racist" claims. 

As per Judi James, the Princess of Wales latest solo outing showcased that she is following into her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s footsteps following Omid Scobie's explosive revelations in his book, Endgame

In conversation with the Mirror, the body language expert shared, "Kate's walk up to the hospital shows a raised chin, wide stride and her arms hanging by her sides, creating an image of determination and drama-free resilience."

While analysing Kate’s comforting gestures with children, Judi shared, "Her actions could hint at the idea that it's Diana's strength she is drawing on."

She continued, "Especially as this visit is to a children's hospital and some of the rituals of supportive and reassuring touches and hugs will be very similar to rituals that Diana once used during similar visits."

Judi further added that the mother-of-three gave a clear message to the critiques that she is focusing on her job, but the current drama.   

"Most of her body language signals here seem to be performed for their benefit and not as a PR exercise aimed at shrugging off any problems via overkill smiles or fake jollity," the expert added. 

Judi added that Kate's solo visit proved that she has no desire to make non-verbal "statements" with her expressions.