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Montecito bookstores reject 'Endgame': 'Appalled' over Prince Harry, Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's neighbours have not been pleased over the contents of 'Endgame'

By Web Desk
December 05, 2023

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's star power in Montecito has seemingly plummeted in the wake of Omid Scobie’s latest release Endgame.

According to royal expert Kinsey Schofield, while speaking to GB News said that the impact of the explosive claims made in the book left the Montecito community in shock over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's treatment of the royals. 

Schofield went on to add that the bookstores in the community have refused to shelve Endgame in the wake of claims that the Dutch version of the book named two members of the royal family who made racist remarks about the couple's son Archie. 

"So the headlines are here. However, in Montecito, it seems like Harry and Meghan’s star has fallen quite a bit. Montecito bookstores are refusing - I shouldn't say refusing, there's just no interest in Endgame."

"This is from the Times, my friend Kieran Southern breaking this story that Montecito bookstores are not covering Endgame, that Montecito neighbours are uninterested and appalled by the way that Harry and Megan are not respecting their elders and it seems like they're being very cruel towards their family members."

"So a lot of the neighbourhood saying that they are uninterested in the Sussexes and don't respect them or appreciate the way that they've treated their family."