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Julie Roberts heaps praise on husband Danny Moder: He is 'our anchor'

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have been married for over two decades and share twins

December 05, 2023
Julia Roberts praises husband calls him our anchor
Julia Roberts praises husband calls him "our anchor"

On Monday December 4, Julia Roberts, 56, referred to her husband, Danny Moder, as an 'anchor' of the family. 

On the Today show, the Pretty Woman star revealed that the father of twins, is “our person and in the most beautiful way, the captain of our ship.”

The actress expressed love for Moder, she said, “For me, understanding how deeply felt life could be really started with him.”

The couple tied the knot back in 2002 after working together on the set of The Mexican

The actor, when asked about parenting, told Hoda Kotb that her two older children are away at college.

Roberts added: “I have an immense amount of appreciation for both of my older kids because they still allow me to be the same mom to them and it's not eye-rolling. There's a huge amount of understanding.”

The actress continued: “I parent them the same way out of the house that I parent them in the house. 

”Which is, ‘Are you getting enough sleep? You sound like you're sick, are you drinking tea?’ And, ‘Text me when you get home so I can see that you're safe and sound.”

In a recent conversation on The View on the same day, the Eat, Pray, Love actor talked about “maintaining her happy marriage.” 

Roberts revealed that there are a ‘few secrets’ to a successful married life.

The actor emphasized: “My sister, who has been married for 25 years or 26 years, I think, she says the secret to a happy marriage is two bathroom sinks and two phone lines.”

“I think marrying the right person is important,” she added.

“Lots of kissing hello and goodbye is really, I think, a critical detail to daily life... Everybody try it. Give it a week. Every time you say good morning, a hug and a kiss,” the star gushed.

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of show, chimed in to say, “Maybe that’s been my problem! I just do a kiss out the side of her mouth. 

"See ya, bye. Come back in a week,” Goldberg giggled. 

Goldberg, who has often joked about her three marriages added: “Hit and run, that’s what I like!”

Roberts praised Goldberg’s work in an upcoming film that her husband, Moder has worked on.

The actress shared: “My husband, who’s a cinematographer, he filmed this beautiful movie called Ezra,” she said, pointing to Goldberg. “And you are so doggone great in that movie,” the Notting Hill actor confirmed.

Although Roberts has kept her family away from the headlines, she has attended many starry events with Moder, hand in hand.

While exclusively speaking to PEOPLE in 2021, Julia revealed: ”Pure happiness is the feeling one has when the people they love are happy.”

Roberts recently shared a rare photo of her twins as they celebrated their 19th birthday. 

The Erin Brockovich Oscar winner wrote: ”No words for the joy.”