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Lil Wayne sued by bodyguard for threat and assault

Lil Wayne faces multiple charges by bodyguard in court documents

December 05, 2023
Lil Wayne sued by bodyguard for threat and assault

A former bodyguard of Lil Wayne is suing the rapper, claiming that Wayne hit him in the head and threatened him with an assault rifle.

Carlos Christian accused the Love Me hitmaker of assault and causing emotional distress after an altercation at his Hidden Hills, California home two years ago, according to court documents acquired by the Blast.

After an incident with Wayne, 41, Christian claimed to have opened a toilet door to see the singer wielding a rifle. This occurred in 2021.

As per TMZ, Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., got into an argument with the bodyguard after the latter was accused of leaking a picture to the press.

Christian stated he contacted the police and left the area right away.

Through a representative, Wayne has refuted the accusations and stated that, at the time of the purported assault, he was not even in possession of a firearm.

The Lollipop chart-topper “committed battery against (the bodyguard) in that while holding a gun, punched him on his ear with his fist,” according to the legal docs.

The court also claimed that the A Milli singer “engaged in outrageous conduct, specifically, erratically threatening, assaulting, and battering (him) while holding a semiautomatic rifle.”

In addition to claiming that he had to seek "mental health treatment" due to his PTSD, the rapper's former employee also stated that he was "harmed, including without limitation sustaining a physical and emotional injury, incurring medical bills, losing immediate wages and having his earning capacity reduced."