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Paris Hilton shamed for not being able to do baby chores

Fans react to Paris Hilton not being able to do simple task for her newborn baby son

December 05, 2023
Paris Hilton is getting criticised for being a bad mom
Paris Hilton is getting criticised for being a bad mom 

Paris Hilton seemingly “needs to bond more with her baby”.

There is an abundance of mom-shaming directed against the star, as Hilton decided to wait a month before trying to change her son's nappy for the first time.

A clip from the heiress' Peacock reality series, Paris in Love, went viral on TikTok.

In the tape, which is from season 2, episode 3, Hilton confesses that she is "scared" of the task.

It is revealed that Phoenix, Hilton's son, was 32 days old at the time of the real episode. 

This is why the text over the video on TikTok includes a series of crying and laughing emojis and says, "Not Paris learning how to change her [son's] diaper for the first time after a month."

The three-mother Hilton's sister Nicky is there with Paris and tries not to show how surprised she is that her sister is changing her son's nappy for the first time.

“You’ve never done it?” Nicky asks.

Paris replies, "No," at which point Nicky and her son's nanny intervene to give Paris some guidance.

The women encourage Paris to interact with Phoenix while changing him, teach her where the front and back of the nappy are and advise her to change him in a more 'gentle' manner.

Despite appearing a little uncomfortable and out of her comfort, Paris sticks with the assignment.

Social media users' reactions to the video were not positive. Many criticised Paris for hiring a nanny, saying she was out of touch with reality and did not spend enough time with her baby.

It's important to note that the TikTok video is somewhat devoid of context.

In the episode, Nicky advises her sister to reduce her work schedule so that she can spend more time with her child after changing Phoenix's diaper.

“What’s your best advice?” Paris asks her sister.

“Learning to say no, and not taking that job. You don’t need the money,” Nicky says. “[Phoenix’s infancy] is such a small window, and it’s so sweet, and you don’t want to miss it. This should be the priority.”

Nicky later refers to her sister as a "workaholic" in a confessional and expresses her hope that Paris will heed the suggestion to spend more time with her son.