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Hilary Duff plans a musical comeback

Hilary Duff answers recording booth's call

December 05, 2023
Hilary Duff proposes recovering her singing career.
Hilary Duff proposes recovering her singing career.

Hilary Duff is cheering in the festive spirit as she spreads joy by hinting a musical comeback.

On December 04, it was revealed that she recently spoke with the media, touching on her career’s latest developments and, then, contemplated the possibility of reviving her profession as a singer.

Expressing a perpetual interest in returning to the world of music, Duff confessed, “I always am thinking about it.” 

However, she additionally acknowledged being deeply immersed in motherhood lately, emphasizing the challenges of integrating song-making into her daily life.

“I really do believe that, like, I’ll just one day be like, ‘I have to do it.’ There’s going to be something that comes over me, and just like, I have to do it. So, it’s gonna happen – just don’t know when,” she stated, leaving fans intrigued about her aspirations regarding this field.

In the same interview, the Come Clean artist spoke of recent involvements.

Recounting her heartwarming experience of surprising shoppers at a retail giant, making plans for an end-of-year shopping spree, delving into family’s holiday traditions, exchanging memorable gifts with husband Matthew Koma – Duff shared many chores from her schedule.

Admirers enjoyed hearing about this delicate balance of life and acting, but they’re mostly crossing fingers for her musical aspirations.