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Julia Roberts reflects on brief relationship with late Matthew Perry

Julia Roberts talks about the time she dated an insecure Matthew Perry

By Web Desk
December 05, 2023

Julia Roberts has meditated on her past romance with late actor Matthew Perry after one month of his untimely death at age 54.

She expressed “all good thoughts and feelings” in an interview for new her film Leave the World Behind.

The former couple first crossed paths when she made a guest appearance on the hit series Friends in 1996, playing Chandler Bing’s classmate in an episode titled The One After the Super Bowl.

“They were all so welcoming to me as just a kind of a one-off character and it was a really fun time,” the actress recalled fondly, “sudden passing of anybody so young is heartbreaking.”

Unbeknownst to many fans at the time, they shared a three-month relationship, as detailed by Perry in his memoir Friends, love, and The Terrible Big Thing.

In the book, he calls himself a self-proclaimed romantic, who sent three dozen red roses along with cheesy messages from a fax machine to woo Roberts, but despite their seemingly sweet connection, the pair broke apart because his insecurities had majorly taken over.

As the Pretty Woman star reflects on their shared past, she emphasizes the importance of appreciating life and moving on positively.

"I think that, you know, it just helps all of us just appreciate what we have and to keep going in a positive way as best we can,” she said.