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Royal family reveals strategy for how to 'Endgame' with Omid Scobie

Experts give advice to the royal family on how to tackle bombshell revelations

December 04, 2023

The royal family has been counselled to speak out against the harsh accusations made by Omid Scobie in Endgame against certain members of the family.

In an interview with GB News, royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams advised King Charles and other members of the royal family not to provide "credibility" to the accusations made by Scobie in his divisive book.

He stated that the Royal family would not gain by silence at this critical juncture, and he hinted that filing a lawsuit might not be the best course of action either.

"The Royal Family has a lot to handle at the moment," he said. "There were unprecedented comments in the book about Catherine, whether it's 'Katie Keen' or 'Stepford-like royal wife', this sort of thing."

"According to Scobie, the monarchy is likely to 'decline' under Charles, and then William is described as 'ambitious' and so forth," he added.

He continued by describing how difficult it must be for Prince William, King Charles, and the other senior working royals to choose how to respond to the circumstances.

"The Palace could look at legal action, but the problem is it highlights the danger of being the world's most high-profile Royal Family," Fitzwilliams said.

"The problem with it? Well, if you don't do anything, it gives credibility to what you allow out," he continued. "And if you do make a statement, it gives good publicity to it."