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Jennifer Aniston recalls signing ‘The Break-Up’ following Brad Pitt split

Jennifer Aniston parted ways with Brad Pitt on grounds of irreconcilable differences in 2005

December 04, 2023
Jennifer Aniston talks about her movie ‘The Break-Up’ following her split from Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston talks about her movie ‘The Break-Up’ following her split from Brad Pitt  

Jennifer Aniston opened up about her experience of signing her rom-com movie The Break-Up following her messy split from Brad Pitt in 2005. 

An old interview of the Friends star with Elle magazine is re-surfacing on the internet in which she detailed her painful memories associated with the film. 

The actress said, "This movie was fate. To be able to walk through a movie called The Break-up, about a person going through a breakup, while I’m actually going through a breakup?"

Jennifer added that she found the opportuity to be a sign, adding that filming the movie was a 'cathartic' experience.

Jennifer added, "How did that happen?! It’s been cathartic. It’s turned something into a fantastic experience— Not that divorce is fantastic, but I’ve never had more fun in a creative process."

In another interview with China Daily, the Murder Mystery star further shared that it was ironic to film the movie based on heartbreak. 

"At the time, it was something I thought about it. When I first got the phone call that a movie called 'The Break-Up' was coming, I kind of laughed and thought, "That's funny," she said. 

She continued, "I felt very lucky. If this had come to me at any other time, I don't know if I could get it for myself on the level that I would have wanted to as an actor."