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‘Free’ Jennifer Lopez ditches Ben Affleck for chores after hesitant gym pickup

Ben Affleck previously has been called ‘lazy’ by ‘fit’ looking wife Jennifer Lopez

December 04, 2023
Jennifer Lopez spotted after gym without Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez spotted after gym without Ben Affleck 

Jennifer Lopez dropped her teen Emme off at Sunday school all by herself, as Ben Affleck was nowhere to be seen.

JLo showed off her tiny waist and muscular stomach while she ran the errand in Los Angeles on Sunday morning.

With her to-go coffee cup in hand, the two-time Grammy nominee effortlessly outshone her 54 years of age by sporting a black cropped jumper with the words "Your wings make me feel free" printed on the back.

Jennifer, who works out with Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch as her fitness trainers, showed off her well-known posterior in a pair of black trousers that were cuffed and matching shiny white trainers.

Lopez scraped her still-wet hair into a tight top ponytail and seemed to go makeup-free for the outing.

The On The Floor singer's outing without her husband Ben Affleck comes shortly after he was seemingly looking “irritated” while picking her up from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s gym on Friday, November 24 in Los Angeles.

He was observed sticking his head and one arm out the window of the vehicle. The Gone Girl actor appeared “forced” to leave the house for the task.

A few weeks prior, the Justice League star was stamped “Lazy” by JLo. reported at the time that the couple does not agree on how to keep their house "hygienic".

"They've got eight dogs and a cat, so it's a complete zoo," a source reported.

A second source for the National Enquirer claims that Jennifer "swears" that she takes care of the animals on her own.

Lopez finds it annoying that Ben Affleck doesn't seem to want to clean their kitties' litter boxes.

In his view, they should employ someone to look after the dogs and make the most of their financial situation.

However, Jennifer has a different perspective on the matter.

"His answer is to hire people to do it for them. But it really bugs Jennifer because he has more than enough time on his hands. So in her view, he's just being 'lazy'."