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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce spread Christmas cheer with Mahomes

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are indulging in pre Christmas festivities

December 03, 2023
Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce spread Christmas cheer with Mahomes
Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce spread Christmas cheer with Mahomes

Superstar couple Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce joined their close friends Patrick and Brittany Mahomes for a festive pre-Christmas bash ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs' game against the Green Bay Packers. The foursome, who have been spotted together on numerous occasions, looked in high spirits as they celebrated the holidays in style.

Swift, dressed in a sparkly red dress, and Kelce, sporting a festive red and green sweater, posed for adorable photos with the Mahomeses, who were decked out in matching reindeer onesies. The group was joined by other friends and family members, who all enjoyed a night of food, drinks, and laughter.

The festive gathering took place just days before the Chiefs' crucial matchup against the Packers, a game that had significant implications for both teams' playoff hopes. Despite the pressure, the foursome appeared relaxed and unfazed, suggesting that their strong friendship is a source of comfort and support for one another.

Swift and Kelce's relationship has blossomed in recent months, with the couple making several public appearances together. They have been spotted attending sporting events, dining out at swanky restaurants, and even attending Taylor's concerts. Their close bond has not gone unnoticed by fans, who have expressed their admiration for the couple on social media.

While the exact nature of Swift and Kelce's relationship remains private, it's clear that they enjoy each other's company and have a strong connection. Their festive pre-Christmas bash served as a testament to their friendship and provided a welcome respite from the pressure of the upcoming game.

As the Chiefs prepare to face off against the Packers, they can take comfort in knowing that they have a strong support system in place.