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Emma Stone joins five-timers club on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Emma Stone has appeared in several sketches on SNL apart from hosting

December 03, 2023

Emma Stone made her fifth appearance as host of Saturday Night Live. In her opening monologue, she discussed her excitement to be hosting for the fifth time and her nerves. She also talked about her anxiety about hosting and how she tries to channel it into her performance.

When Stone appeared on the SNL stage at 30 Rock on Saturday night, she was beaming and expressed how grateful she was to be the newest member of the group honouring the show's five-time hosts, which is currently in its 49th season. As soon as she started talking, Tina Fey came over to greet her and welcome her to the group.

“At 35 years old, you are officially the youngest member. I am the second youngest at 53,” she said, although that's not a title Fey holds.

“A few years ago, they even added a whole women's section. It was actually Candice Bergen's idea.”

Bergen followed suit and joined them. The club had everything, she told Stone, including locker rooms, showers, and a "big portrait with the eyes cut out so Martin Short can peek in."

“This is amazing,” she beamed. “This honestly, this has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. And it means so much that I get to share this moment with you guys. So thank you.” As she reached into the pockets, she felt something inside.

“Is this a joint?” she asked, pulling out, well, a joint.

“Oh, that must be Woody Harrelson’s jacket,” Bergen said.

Stone reached in further and pulled out something else. “There’s also a vaccine card in here.”

“Oh, then it’s definitely not Woody’s,” Fey responded.