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Aamir Khan apologised to cast of 'Laal Singh Chadda' for box office failure

Aamir Khan was deeply affected by the demise of the film and apologised for its massive failure

December 03, 2023
Aamir Khan apologised for Laal Singh Chaddas massive failure
Aamir Khan apologised for Laal Singh Chadda's massive failure

Mukesh Chhabra, casting actor and director, recently revealed that Aamir Khan, best known as Mr. Perfectionist, felt guilty about his recent contribution to the industry, Laal Singh Chadda.

The film, starring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor tanked at the box office, resulting in a commercial failure.

In a recent revelation of events, Chhabra confimed that the Raja Hindustani actor was deeply influenced by the demise of Laal Singh Chadda.

The 3 Idiots actor threw a party for the cast and crew to mourn the fall of Laal Singh Chadda as well as to acknowledge the dedication each individual put into the film.

Aamir, who is known for his ability to immerse in any role as an actor, faced a lot of backlash post release.

The actor apologized to the entire team, he pleaded: “Sorry the film didn’t work, but we should all meet.”

Chhabra also revealed that the demise of the film came as a shocker to the entire team.

He shared: "After the movie flopped, I spoke to Aamir and Advait Chandan (director)… we couldn’t believe the movie had been thrashed. For a film to flop is one thing, but that it was a disaster… feels like a whole different thing altogether.”

Mukesh continued: “Few people know this, but Aamir hosted a party for all of us in honour of the crew."

"Who does this?" The director questioned in disbelief. 

"We were all wondering why they’re having a party, but they wanted all the departments to come together."

Chhabra also confirmed the presence of other cast members. “Everyone was there, Advait, Pritam, Kareena, everyone was there.”

Laal Singh Chadda, a 2022 Indian comedy drama film is an official remake of the Hollywood classic Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks.

The film garnered much recognition during its digital premiere, however, it received criticism during its initial theatrical release.

The film minted about 130 crores globally while the budget of the film was reportedly 180 crores.