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Will Smith spills major ‘I Am Legend 2’ updates

Will Smith’s character in the first ‘I Am Legend’ movie infamously died at the end

December 03, 2023

I Am Legend’s DVD ending is turning out to be a good directorial choice.

Over the summers, whispers of a sequel to Will Smith’s hit movie I Am Legend started circulating. But as Will’s character infamously dies at the end of the first movie, fans were wondering how writers would go about the sequel.

Fortunately, Smith answered the burning question at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

“We’re going with the mythology of the DVD version where my character lives,” Smith explained to the audience.

For the unversed, there were two versions of the 2007 post-apocalyptic drama with two different endings – the theatrical version where Smith’s character, Dr. Robert Neville sacrifices himself and dies and the DVD version where he miraculously lives, the latter of which was true to the original 1950s Richard Matheson novel.

“I can’t tell you any more, but Michael B. Jordan is in and we’re doing it,” he said.

The Fresh Prince also noted that he has a “call with Michael B. Jordan tomorrow,” and, careful not to reveal too much information, admitted that the script for the I Am Legend sequel “just came in.”