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'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner turns deaf ear to ex-girlfriend's bombshell claims

Gerry Turner addressed accusations leveled at him by his 'secret' girlfriend following The Golden Bachelor finale

December 03, 2023
Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner turns deaf ear to ex-girlfriends bombshell claims
'Golden Bachelor' Gerry Turner turns deaf ear to ex-girlfriend's bombshell claims

The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner addressed claims of his alleged former girlfriend that he lied about his romantic history on the reality show.

The 72-year-old reality star capped off season one by proposing to his chosen love interest, Theresa Nist, 70, in the episode aired this week.

A day before the finale aired, The Hollywood Reporter published an exposé, in which his ex, who named herself Carolyn, alleged Turner dumped her for gaining weight.

She also disputed the septuagenarian’s claims that he hasn’t had serious relationship since his wife died, revealing that the former couple lived together into his lake house in Hudson, Indiana, during the course of their relationship.

Speaking to the New York Times about the piece, Turner brushed it off by admitting that he gave the article a “cursory look.”

He said, “I guess I haven’t really looked at it as how accurate it is. I’ve more looked at it in terms of timing, and how it really doesn’t fit with all of the positive things that are going on in my life right now.”

“I mean, I’m sitting across from Theresa right now, and I look at her, and she’s the love of my life. And I really don’t have time to think about some of the other stuff,” Turner affirmed.