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Lenny Hochstein says wife Lisa Hochstein cheated on him

Lenny Hochstein reveals real season behind separation from Lisa Hochstein

December 03, 2023
Lenny and Lisa Hochstein’s estrangement takes a new turn.
Lenny and Lisa Hochstein’s estrangement takes a new turn.

After suing her for defamation, Lenny Hochstein is now alleging that his separated wife Lisa Hochstein had cheated on him.

He shared screenshots of a conversation between her and an unnamed friend, dated 2019. In the short discussion, they were exchanging messages where the TV personality was admitting to “cheating with a mystery man while the man’s away.”

“I can’t wait to find my new man. My new boyfriend,” another photo showed her remarking excitedly, “I’m going to have my first affair. I can’t wait.”

Lisa Hochsteins alleged DMs with unknown friend.
Lisa Hochstein's alleged DMs with unknown friend.

Next, Lenny posted a wall of text on a black background, explaining the situation.

“Katharina [his new fiancé] is in no way responsible for the end of my marriage and the decision to leave Lisa,” it said, “She calls Katharina a homewrecker but the truth is that only the one who got caught cheating, having an affair and wrecked the home is Lisa.”

Another paragraph added, “I was especially disheartened by the fact that she bragged about her ongoing affair at the time on multiple instances, such as days before our daughter was born and on our 10 year wedding anniversary.”