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Prince William's billion-dollar empire sparks 'resentment' in Prince Harry

Prince William is currently the largest private landowner in Britain while Prince Harry is merely getting by

December 02, 2023

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Prince Harry is understood to resent his older brother Prince William due to their contrasting financial situations.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly been struggling with money issues since quitting the Royal Family alongside his wife Meghan Markle in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Wales is raking in the perks of being the next in line of throne with billion-dollars net worth.

Speaking to In Touch, a source revealed, “William is basically a billionaire while his brother [Prince Harry] is fearful of going broke. It’s yet another reason there’s so much tension between them.”

Since assuming control of the $1.3 billion Duchy of Cornwall when King Charles ascended to the throne, the husband of Kate Middleton earns an estimated $30 million yearly salary, making him the largest private landowner in Britain.

William, alongside his younger brother was left about $12.4 million in fortune, following the death of Princess Diana in 1997. The brothers also had a portion in the Queen Mother’s $100 million will.

“Harry can’t help but resent his brother,” said the source. “Harry has long accepted that he’s the ‘spare,’ but just like William, he also gave up a good part of his life in service to the royal family, and it seems unfair that he has nothing to show for it.”

In his phone-hacking lawsuit against British tabloids, Harry alleged that the father of Prince George got “a very large sum of money” in a secret agreement with the press in 2020.