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Jamie Foxx’s sexual assault accuser voices ‘fears’ for her ‘safety’

Jamie Foxx was sued for sexual assault by an unidentified woman over a 2015 incident

By Web Desk
December 02, 2023
Jamie Foxx denied the sexual assault allegations against him and plans to fight back
Jamie Foxx denied the sexual assault allegations against him and plans to fight back

Jamie Foxx’s alleged sexual assault victim fears for her safety.

A week after an unidentified woman sued Foxx, 55, over an alleged sexual assault in 2015, she is requesting that her identity remain hidden as the bombshell lawsuit continues to make headlines.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online disclosed that Jane Doe pleaded with a judge to grant her public anonymity, citing "fear" for her "safety." 

"I do not desire to publicly disclose my identity as a victim of sexual assault because this matter is highly sensitive, and I have already experienced significant shock, shame, and embarrassment for my disclosure due to the prominence and celebrity status of the Defendants," she reasoned.

The accuser further implored that following the lawsuit, she started to "fear for [her] safety given the fame of Defendant" after virtually "every media outlet" reported the case, prompting her to file her request.

She further noted that she was "fearful that a public disclose [of her name] will cause further emotional trauma from events that had occurred.

She was, of course, referring to the lawsuit she filed against the Oscar-winning actor last Friday, alleging a 2015 incident in a New York City restaurant where she and a friend had approached him for a photo op.

The lawsuit detailed that Foxx directed her to a secluded area of the restaurant and proceeded to grope her, with several people witnessing the assault.

Foxx has since denied the allegations and plans to "pursue a claim for malicious prosecution against" the accuser, per his spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Jane Doe was adamant that she doesn’t want to "bear the stigma that is associated with being a sexual assault victim."