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Jungkook surprises fans with new look after collab with Usher

Jungkook released his first solo album 'Golden' released last month which features many star-studded collabs

By A. Akmal
December 02, 2023
Jungkook and Usher collaboration on Standing Next to You released on Friday
Jungkook and Usher collaboration on 'Standing Next to You' released on Friday

Jungkook took fans by surprise as he debuted shorter hair and no piercings after mesmerising them with a remix of Standing Next to You with Usher.

The BTS member, who released his first solo album Golden last month, teamed up with the Yeah singer to remix his first single. The collaboration, which features Usher’s smooth vocals to the new version, was released on Friday.

The new look by the BTS member was shared by Usher as they posed in what appeared to be a shot from the video of the new track. 

Fans took to social media to express their mixed reactions over the new avatar.

Jungkook made his debut as a solo artist in July when he appeared on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. The singer performed his singles, Seven and a fan-favourite song Euphoria from the BTS 2018 album and Dynamite from the band’s 2020 album.

The singer is widely known as ‘Golden Maknae’ aka ‘Golden Youngest’ in the popular kpop band BTS. Transitioning into his solo career, the Korean artist features a number of collaborations with stars like Jack Harlow, Latto and DJ Snake, while producers on the album include Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes.

Previously, a press release stated that Jungkook “expresses the flow of emotions that follow the changes in relationships” in his album.