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Carrie Underwood shares rare clips of kids with Christmas tree

'American Idol' alum, Carrie Underwood usually keeps her kids with Mike Fisher private

December 01, 2023
Carrie Underwood shares rare clips of kids with Christmas tree

Carrie Underwood shares a sweet “Fisher Family” moment with her youngest kids.

Although Underwood keeps her children out of the spotlight, her Christmas tree features the young ones prominently.

The singer displayed her holiday décor on Wednesday, giving her Instagram followers a rare look of her sons, Jacob, 4, and Isaiah, 8.

“Fisher family Christmas tree 2023!” the “American Idol” star, 40, wrote on her Instagram Story.


Underwood showcased her children's pictures on handmade decorations in the joyful social media post.

Isaiah and Jacob were welcomed by the Grammy winner and her spouse, Mike Fisher, in 2015 and 2019, respectively.

Although the couple initially shared pictures of their sons on social media, they have long since made the decision to have the siblings' backs to the camera.

For example, when Isaiah and Jacob went to one of their mother's concerts in October 2022, she posted a cute video of them taken from behind.

“My sweet boys came to see their mommy’s first show!” Underwood expressed happiness on Instagram at the time. “Jakey caught a few songs, at least, before he drifted off to dream land.

“One was blowing me kisses,” she added. “One was sleeping soundly.”