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Prince William, Princess Kate 'love intact' amid 'Endgame' controversy

Omid Scobie dropped some bombshell revelations about royal family in his newly released book 'Endgame'

December 01, 2023
Prince William presents Kate as his ‘pride’ amid Endgame controversy
Prince William presents Kate as his ‘pride’ amid 'Endgame' controversy

Prince William's recent outing with Kate Middleton showed his love and admiration for his wife amid the recent unpleasant allegations made in Omid Scobie's controversial book, Endgame.

The couple appeared unbothered with the controversy as they attended annual Royal Variety Performance on Thursday, November 30.  

In conversation with GB News, Judi James, a renowned body language expert shared that William presented Kate as his 'pride' during their latest outing. 

She said, "This hand-holding is a new form of PDA from William and Kate, with William in particular instigating what looks like a message to the world that he adores and is proud of his wife."

Judi continued, "William holds his hand out for her to take and they use prolonged eye contact as she does so."

"Diana’s ring is displayed for all to see and their rounded-cheeked smiles show how delighted they are in each other’s company," she added.

Judi said that the royal couple’s body language exuded their resilient love for each other.  

"It wasn’t a necessary statement but the fact they have both colluded to make it shows them to be a power couple in every sense of the word," Judi further shared.