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Nick Cannon slams ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, defends Beyoncé’s skin lightening

Kim wishes she looked like Beyoncé, says Nick Cannon

December 01, 2023

Nick Cannon has announced that whatever Beyoncé does is above everyone else, even his famous ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian who is also hailed as a trend-setter.

He has come to light, sheltering the Single Ladies singer after she was declared guilty of trying to copy Kim’s style at the recent premier of her directorial tour movie Renaissance, which took place on Saturday.

Critics claim she “lightened her skin in an attempt to look like a white woman,” dubbing it as “a Kardashian observed in reverse.”

Taking the feud’s fire to Instagram, Cannon posted a snippet from his radio broadcast Daily Cannon Show, in which a couple of individuals were seen supporting the accused artist aggressively.

Comparing pictures of these two women placed together, he said, “Kim Kardashian wish she looked like that.”

When some people sitting on the panel alongside disagreed, the television personality went on to say, “Y’all are out of your f**king minds!” then added, “Beyoncé has looked the same since she was sixteen.”

Commentators on the post have expressed he’s still fuming at his self-initiated 2007 breakup with Kim after she broke his heart by lying to him about the existence of her famous s*x tape.