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Paul Walker’s daughter pays painful tribute on his death anniversary

Paul Walker’s timeless love for Meadow Walker: watch

December 01, 2023
Meadow Walker carries Paul Walkers legacy of love.
Meadow Walker carries Paul Walker's legacy of love.

Meadow Rain Walker honored her father Paul Walker’s tenth death anniversary by publishing an old memorable video on her Instagram profile, dated November 30.

In the shared clip, she opens a creaky door to announce her surprising presence at a shoot set.

This sudden appearance jump-scares the shocked actor, who falls back on a bed behind, then flourishes delightfully upon realizing that it’s just his cherished daughter. The video ends with the two locking each other in a very loving hug.

“10 years without you… I love you forever,” reads its caption.

Paul died in a car crash at age forty during the filming of evergreen hit Fast and Furious 7. The series remains his best known role where he plays Brian O’Conner, and this particular installment pays a tribute to his sad passing.

The young model, who shared an excessively close bond with him, believes that she still receives signs of continual love between them.

He had Meadow with former girlfriend Rebecca Soteros, whom she spent early years in Hawaii with, then moved to California for splitting time with the star.