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Jack Antonoff hints at Taylor Swift’s ‘troubled’ relationship with ex Joe Alwyn

Jack Antonoff recently took to his social media to offer an insight on Taylor Swift's troubled relationship with Joe Alwyn

November 30, 2023
Jack Antoffs social media post provides an insight on Taylor Swifts troubled relationship
Jack Antoff's social media post provides an insight on Taylor Swift's troubled relationship

Jack Antonoff’s recent social media post provided an inside scoop on Taylor Swift’s troubled relationship with ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

The Midnights singer and English actor both decided to call things off back in April after dating for six years.

The 39-year-old record producer shared Swift’s pictures that were taken prior to the recording of You’re Losing Me, a song which has been widely associated with the singer's reason for split from Alwyn.

Antonoff shared a photo of the Shake It Off hitmaker to announce the release of the song, which she recently released on all the streaming platforms.  

In a casual photo, the 33-year-old singer could be seen casually picking up snacks from the table with her hair all tied up.

The producer captioned the picture, “You're Losing Me is out today. A very special track from the Midnights sessions that's finally streaming! Written and recorded at home on 12/5/21 right after Taylor ate these raisins.”

The revelation has taken the internet by storm and fans can’t help but connect the dots. They are speculating that Swift and Alwyn’s relationship took a downturn around the same time, that is nearly two years before their actual split.  

The duo began dating right after they met at the Met Gala 2016. However, Taylor always kept things discreet.

Swift was recently crowned as Spotify’s Global Top Artist; she reigned on Spotify Wrapped List for 2023.

The singer was quick to show gratitude to her fans from all over the world. She took to her socials and thanked them for their immense support.