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Diddy’s former head of security vanishes after backing Cassie’s claims

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ ex head of security recently broke his silence on Cassie’s explosive claims against Diddy

November 30, 2023

Sean “Diddy” Combs’ former head of security, Roger Bonds, mysteriously deleted his Instagram account after backing Cassie’s abuse claims against the music mogul.

On Wednesday, Bonds shared a video to his Instagram to confirm Diddy’s abuse of multiple people after being named as a witness in Cassie’s lawsuit two weeks ago.

“It comes a time when you in a situation that may seem like a good situation, but if you not waking up happy, or if you disgruntled, or you really don’t want to be around that person, you find every excuse to get out of there, and I got diabetes,” Bonds reflected about his experience working with Diddy.

Though Bonds actually had diabetes, he recalled using that as an excuse to not have to be around Diddy so much.

“But in reality, it was that I was sick! I was sick of you, I was sick of everything that was going on around you, I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did. I was sick,” he implored.

He then referred to Cassie’s lawsuit, confirming her claims about a 2009 incident in which Diddy allegedly beat her after learning she was talking to another music manager, recalling that Bonds tried to intervene.

“I jumped in-beween it, that wasn’t the only time, it was other times, and it was other people,” he revealed.

Bonds’ confession came a few days after he initially announced in an Instagram post that he was ready to speak up – a post he immediately deleted.

Now, he seems to have disappeared completely from Instagram.