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Bradley Cooper bags praise from Kylie Kelce over Oscar ignorance

Kylie Kelce, wife of Travis Kelce’s brother Jason Kelce, approves Bradley Cooper’s choice

November 30, 2023
Kylie Kelce loves Bradley Cooper for choosing Philadelphia Eagles over an Oscar
Kylie Kelce "loves" Bradley Cooper for choosing Philadelphia Eagles over an Oscar

Kylie Kelce thinks Bradley Cooper made the right choice “without hesitation.”

In the Tuesday, November 28 episode of The Howard Stern Show, Bradley Cooper, 48, hardly batted an eye when Howard Stern asked the "big question," indicating that he would prefer the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl over receiving an Oscar.

“I really want you to answer this in a serious manner,” Stern, 69, inquired.

Cooper was offered the choice between winning a sweep for his film Maestro at the forthcoming 2024 Academy Awards and a Lombardi trophy for his home club.

Although the actual nominations for the ceremony had not yet been released, Stern's speculation includes wins for best actress, best director, and best actor.

Stern received his answer very immediately. "I know I'm sick," Cooper teased, keeping a straight face as he stated, "Eagles Super Bowl victory."

Other Eagles supporters didn't need much persuasion, despite Cooper's insistence that he wasn't lying. 

Social media users noticed Jason Kelce's wife endorsing Cooper's decision in the comments section after the official NFL TikTok account posted a video of Cooper's confession.

“Without hesitation,” she supported.

Kylie Kelce/TikTok
Kylie Kelce/TikTok

In the midst of a sea of other "go birds" comments, Kylie's reply was highlighted.

One fan even suggested that Cooper might be a future guest on Jason and Travis Kelce's podcast, "New Heights."

"Tell me you’re a Philly fan without telling me. Love it," a second user commented.