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'Stubborn King Charles' ineptitude turned Harry, Meghan into disruptors'

King Charles accused of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's aggression against the royal family

November 29, 2023
King Charless blamed for crisis in the royal family
King Charles's blamed for crisis in the royal family

Royal biographer Omid Scobie has blamed King Charles for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's stinging attacks that caused daunting crisis within the royal family.

The King's "ineptitude surrounding the Harry and Meghan saga has effectively turned the couple into the disruptors they were feared to become in the first place," writes Omid Scobie in his sensational new book "Endgame", released on Tuesday, about the royals.

The 75-year-old King didn't speak up for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before their attacks. ‘Charles chose to say nothing and turn the other way' says Scobie.

Instead Charles buried his head in the sand and was "stubborn" according to journalist, who's considered best pal of Harry and Meghan.

Scobie, who was dubbed as Meghan's "mouthpiece" in the past, went on writing: "For so long Harry had made it clear that he and Meghan simply wanted to be heard. That they wanted the opportunity to sit down and talk through the past, from both perspectives, and find a way to move forward. For Harry, it was about seeking accountability and, where appropriate, apologies."

Scobie believed that there was an opportunity for the King to smooth over any rifts that had arisen, adding: "Stubborn as ever, it was the one thing Charles refused to give them—even if it meant risking damage to the Crown."