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Tom Nitti expands on 'personal reasons' after abrupt exit from The Voice

Tom Nitti penned a heartfelt letter to bid farewell to Reba McEntire alongside the rest of the cast of The Voice

November 29, 2023
Tom Nitti breaks silence after abrupt exit from The Voice
Tom Nitti breaks silence after abrupt exit from The Voice

The Voice singer Tom Nitti opened up about his decision to quit the show ahead of the Playoffs.

Though he didn’t explicitly mention the reason behind his sudden departure, the country singer did allude to the notion that it has something to do with his family.

Judge Reba McEntire also suggested during the latest episode Nitti had to leave the show for “personal reasons.”

Taking to Instagram shortly after the episode aired, Nitti penned a lengthy note alongside a montage of memories with his girlfriend Ashley Bryant and his family.

The Babe singer started off by extending his love and appreciation for the “constant support from my fans, my friends and my family.”

Describing it as “one of the hardest yet easiest decisions ever,” Tom noted, “My kids will always come first and if I had to make the same decision again I’d do it over and over.”

“This past summer was filled to the max with everything I love and could’ve only dreamed of and Thanks to @nbcthevoice I was able to live my wildest dreams and do what I’ve always hoped,” the singer continued.

The country star capped off his statement with a promise to “keep my head down and move forward playing music and raising/creating new memories with a family I will continue to grow.”

“For everyone asking, I’m alright and still standing. Thank you so much and as always, I’m super pumped to keep on keepin’ on with music, my kids Rayleigh and Brently my whole family to include my smokin’ girlfriend that keeps my head held high… Im more than ready to continue to live life now happier than ever before,” Tom added.