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Miley Cyrus strikes chord with boyfriend Maxx Morando at birthday celebration

Miley Cyrus hosts private concert on 31st birthday, sings unreleased tracks

November 29, 2023

Miley Cyrus flourished at a gathering in honor of her 31st birthday, which was a special treat for fortunate friends and family.

Celebrating at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont hotel on November 22, a day prior her birthdate, she marked the event with a pre-Thanksgiving performance and documented this memorable night on Instagram, compiling a couple of moments together.

“I performed for MYSELF and sang my favorite songs including my own," was put up as its caption.

The party’s highlight was the debut live recording of her recent hit Flowers where many people from the audience joined in with impromptu ad-libs added here and there: “I didn’t want to leave (but I had to), I didn’t want to fight (but we did), started to cry but then remembered.”

One of the pop sensation’s well-liked songs, Faithfully by Journey, was brought about as a beautiful tribute, ending in a group singalong.

She additionally sang a few unreleased tracks, featuring fellow star Ryan Beatty alongside.

Notably, the lyrics of some of these were seemingly directed at her boyfriend Maxx Morando, who was also present at this special occasion. Miley reportedly sang looking right at him in the front row, “Don’t leave me high, don’t let me down, cause I want you more.”