Saturday February 24, 2024

Meghan Markle's absence from King Charles's Coronation explained

Reason behind Meghan Markle's King Charles's coronation snub revealed

November 28, 2023

Prince William allegedly "disliked" Meghan Markle "from the start," according to royal author Omid Scobie.

The author, whose shocking novel Endgame was published on Tuesday, explored the Duchess of Sussex's tense connection with her brother-in-law, noting that they got off to a disastrous start. Omid, who has been called Meghan's unofficial spokesman in the past, also disclosed the true reason why the Duchess has no intention of going back to the UK.

"William had been wanting to distance himself from his brother ever since Harry’s marriage to Meghan—whom the then Duke of Cambridge took a disliking to from the start," Omid writes.

He also disclosed that William, who views his brother as a "outsider" and justifies his desire to keep his distance from the Sussexes, felt that Harry was "no longer useful as a helpful distraction or collateral damage."

Omid said, "He explains that Meghan is attempting to avoid getting drawn 'back into the institution’s maelstrom of games and manipulations, the same vortex that had yanked them towards its dark heart for four years" and that she has no desire to 'dive back into the soap opera of the court.

Meghan's absence from the King's Coronation in May can be explained by this. Prince Harry had declared at the time that he would go to his father's coronation, but that his wife and their two kids would remain behind.