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Bad Bunny declared 'King of Pop' by Forbes spark controversies

Bad Bunny fans, however, are divided on the new adjective

November 28, 2023

Bad Bunny solidified his position as one of the most popular musicians of the era, earning him the titles "king of reggaeton," "king of streaming," and even "king of Latin music." Forbes magazine featured him on its latest cover, referring to him as the new "King of Pop" despite all of his nicknames.

In an interview, Forbes notes that the Puerto Rican singer has become one of the most significant artists of the past few years, surpassing Taylor Swift in the amount of plays he has received on digital platforms. He has also broken into the ranks of the most successful singers under thirty.

"If there is a constant in Bad Bunny, who is 29 years old, it is that everything he creates becomes a worldwide hit," the magazine said on its Instagram account to introduce his new number.

It also highlights that: "In April, Bad Bunny made history as the first Latin artist to headline the Coachella music festival. And he's done it all while singing solely in Spanish."

Bad Bunny expresses his pleasure in his Latin heritage and his accomplishments while honouring it saying, "Spanish is part of me, it's part of my DNA. I like, wherever I go, to carry it and speak it. Not because I want to implant it, but because that's who I am."

Users on social media were upset by the descriptor Forbes used, even though it was clearly a commercial success. They felt it was disrespectful since it was used to refer to Michael Jackson, who they believed was the sole "King of Pop." 

Social media users thought the title was exaggerated and attacked the post for being lighthearted.

The singer's admirers, however, also expressed their gratitude for his accomplishments and clarified that he is a "pride and an inspiration for Latinos".