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Tiffany Haddish’s friends are ‘concerned’ for her after DUI arrest: Here’s why

Tiffany Haddish was taken into custody Friday morning after being found passed out behind the wheel

November 28, 2023
Tiffany Haddish was arrested for a DUI under similar circumstances last year as well
Tiffany Haddish was arrested for a DUI under similar circumstances last year as well

Tiffany Haddish may be due for an intervention soon after her DUI arrest.

Though the actress and comedian laughed off her recent arrest, her friends are concerned that something else may be troubling Haddish.

Speaking to Page Six, a source close to Haddish revealed, “Tiffany likes to drink and have a good time, but her friends are noticing that she is drinking way more around the holidays.”

Her friends have further picked up on the fact that Haddish “may be lonely and hiding behind a fake smile.”

The source further noted that Haddish’s recent arrest was “surprising” to her friends who witnessed her overcome her many hardships to get where she is.

“But now she has found the success she has always dreamed of, new demons are coming to the surface in the form of alcohol,” the source said.

On early Friday morning, Beverly Hills Police Department officers found Haddish passed out behind the steering wheel of her car– and booked her at the Beverly Hills police jail for reportedly driving under the influence.

This was the second time Haddish was arrested for a DUI, the first time being in January 2022.

The Girls Night star jokingly addressed her headline-making arrest – first reported by TMZ – during her performance at the Laugh Factory the very next day.

But her friends weren’t convinced, expressing, “We love the fact that she can move on from this and turn this life situation into a part of her comedy routine. But we are concerned.”

For what it’s worth, Haddish expressed her desire to “get help” to Entertainment Tonight following her most recent arrest, guaranteeing, “this will never happen again.”