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Khloe Kardashian gets back with 'serial cheater' ex Tristan Thompson?

The Kardashians show’s episodes featuring Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson hints fans of patch up

By Web Desk
November 26, 2023
Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson hints fans of patch up
Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson hints fans of patch up

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson gave off hints of getting back together in one of the episodes of The Kardashians, after their on-and-off relationship since 2016.

On the family's Hulu series, the reality star and her 32-year-old ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson were spotted having a breakthrough conversation.

Tristan seemed to be sorry for what he had done in the past, and Khloe encouraged him to talk to her sisters honestly.

On Season 4 of The Kardashians, Khloe's ex has been a major character. He frequently discusses his desire to make up with the family and mend his reputation.

Theo, the NBA player's son, was born in December 2021 to Maralee Nichols, 33, as the 33-year-old was previously entangled in a love child controversy.

When he was purportedly exclusive with the Kardashian star, he had the affair.

Khloe, 39, and Tristan are parents to their 1-year-old son Tatum and 5-year-old daughter True.

Shortly after Theo's birth, Khloe and Tristan welcomed their son via surrogacy.

Despite Tristan and his younger brother Amari having previously moved in with Khloe after Tristan's home's roof collapsed due to severe weather, the two have been estranged ever since.

After his mother passed away in January, Tristan also had the support of Khloe and her family.

What fans think of Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian patch-up?

Following the release of the latest episode, a number of people shared their opinions on Reddit, suggesting that the couple might have reconciled.

"Tristan apology tour = relaunch of their relationship very soon," the fan wrote, adding, "Does anyone else see how blatant the Kardashians have been about giving significant airtime to Tristan’s apology tour?"

Others chimed in, "Yup that’s the general consensus. My theory is they never actually broke up they just pretended to save the public backlash."

"They gave him so much airtime to improve his image," a third commented.