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Kanye West wife Bianca Censori bans rapper from ‘getting close to her’

Kanye West and Bianca Censori were recently spotted partying in Dubai amid separation rumors

By Web Desk
November 26, 2023
Kanye West wife Bianca Censori bans rapper for ‘getting close to her’
Kanye West wife Bianca Censori bans rapper for ‘getting close to her’

Kanye West wife Bianca Censori is understood to be intent on “putting a distance” between her and the rapper in the wake of rumoured marital tensions.

Recent reports suggested that the wedded pair were on a break after the architect jetted off to Australia solo, while West stayed behind to work on his music.

However, they seem to quash all rumors of separation when the twosome was filmed enjoying a private party in Dubai together.

Speaking to the Mirror, body language expert Inbaal Honigman reflected on Bianca’s closed off expressions while trying to let it loose with the Donda rapper at the party.

"The reports of a reunion are greatly exaggerated. In the short clip of Kanye and his Mrs in Dubai, the whole story is in Bianca's gaze," she shared.

While the Yeezy mogul looked more than confident in the company of people who “laugh at his jokes,” Inbaal noted the Australian native’s eyes are “fixed on the back of his neck.”

"We see her staring at him, never dropping her gaze, monitoring him. Then he turns to her, and Kanye's eyes search for his wife's, but this is when she looks away,” the expert continued.

The sole gesture alluded to tension between the couple, Inbaal explained, adding: “Bianca is actively committed to putting a distance between herself and her husband".

"She doesn't display emotion when avoiding his eye, she's turning away to show him that she doesn't care for him,” she noted.

Honigman added: "The drink in her hand is a distraction, a way to close off her body and to appear busy, so that he won't try to get close to her or start a conversation."