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'Super Mario Bros.' movie celebrates Christmas with new streaming platform

Chris Pratt movie 'Super Mario Bros.' will be available to stream just in time for Christmas

By Web Desk
November 24, 2023
Super Mario Bros. is coming to Netflix for christmas
Super Mario Bros. is coming to Netflix for christmas

Super Mario Bros. is coming to Netflix later in December.

One of the biggest films of the year will be added to the library of the streaming service on December 3, giving The Super Mario Bros. Movie a new home in time for Christmas.

In a family-friendly journey that delves into the realm of one of the most cherished video game franchises ever, Chris Pratt provides the voice of the legendary video game character.

Mario will want all the assistance he can get in order to confront a formidable foe, even though he exudes charisma in his most recent big-screen adventure.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie's original streaming home was Peacock because it was released by Universal Pictures. 

However, since SAG-AFTRA's organized strike earlier this year, the streaming market has evolved and studios are now more open to licensing their content to other businesses.

In the end, this would enable Universal to grant Netflix permission to add Mario to their library of streaming titles, with millions of users able to access the game starting next month.

The largest family-friendly film of the year will be accessible to see at home for Christmas, whether it's on Peacock, Netflix, or acquired digitally.