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Joel Kinnaman reveals muted struggles while filming 'Silent Night'

Joel Kinnaman shares his hardships during an appearance on 'Tonight Show'

By Web Desk
November 24, 2023

Joel Kinnaman is discussing his botched effort at method acting in preparation for his part in the upcoming action film Silent Night.

The For All Mankind actor told host Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on The Tonight Show on Wednesday that he chose to "go full method on this one" for the first time because he has no dialogue in the John Woo-directed picture.

Kinnaman recalled telling his fiancée Kelly Gale, "Listen, this is gonna be a tough one for our relationship. I’m not gonna talk for the whole shoot and not talk with you either. So we’re not gonna have any communication."

Fallon asked Kinnaman if he thought it was a smart idea, to which the actor laughed and said, "No."

But he said his fiancée eventually came around and told him, "This is a sacrifice that I will do. And, you know, we will figure out a way to do this."

During the phone call, Kinnaman noticed that his fiancée was very perplexed and told him, "You're supposed to be silent the whole two months."

However, The Killing actor chose to hold off on adopting the immersive acting style for a little while longer, declaring that he would quit talking on his first day of filming.

"Then the first day of shooting starts, and I get in the car. Super quiet the whole car ride to set," Kinnaman recalled. "And then, I get into the makeup trailer and everyone’s, like, hanging out and, like, talking, and I’m sitting there in the makeup trailer."

Immediately realising that he would not be able to go six weeks without speaking to anyone, he decided to abandon the method acting technique.

"I had a really, really intense silent car ride to set. The car ride was basically the whole thing, you know? So that kind of charged me up with enough silence that I needed for the rest of the shoot," Kinnaman quipped.