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Katherine Heigl launches wellness brand to ‘make’ positive impact in the world

'Grey’s Anatomy' star and her husband Josh Kelley begin new venture in Utah

November 22, 2023
Katherine Heigh launches new wellness shop with husband Josh Kelley in Utah
Katherine Heigh launches new wellness shop with husband Josh Kelley in Utah 

Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl has recently launched her wellness brand with her husband of 16 years, musician Josh Kelley.

According to Daily Mail, Heigl and Kelley reportedly established New Lane Mercantile as they “envision a world where every purchase becomes a meaningful act of compassion and connection”.

The Ugly Truth actress revealed to the outlet that she started the shop to “sell her own original art and graphic designs” to raise funds for the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation.

However, Heigl began new venture and decided to expand her store’s offerings, as she wrote on the website, “New Lane Road Mercantile was born from my desire to make a difference while providing a shopping experience that inspires you to consciously craft moments that matter while simultaneously making a positive impact in the world as you do so.”

“Over the last fifteen years, I have had the privilege of calling the Utah mountains my home, and through my experiences living here, I have found a certain peaceful presence I’m determined to share,” penned the Killers actress on the wellness website.

She added, “The goods curated for New Lane Road Mercantile are meant to do just that by delighting each of your senses and inspiring you to create moments of peace and joy every day.”

Meanwhile, Heigl’s wellness shop sells art, handbags, jewellery, leisure wear, crystals, journals, stationery and martini set with affordable price range.